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We want to bring OnSite Medical to your work place.

Acute medical care

Primary care

Dental care

An onsite health clinic keeps your employees healthier, happier and more productive. Larger companies, such as Microsoft, Facebook, Boeing, and Gates Foundation use onsite or near site medical clinics. Now it’s time for medium-size businesses with 500-plus employees to invest in this same cost-saving strategy.

OnSite Medical clinics result in healthcare cost reduction, increased productivity and improved employee health. Employees typically have low or no out-of-pocket expenses while employers benefit from not losing time traveling to off-site clinics.

Worksite clinics will be managed by physicians, not by administrators. We’ll bring the same “micro practice” model utilizing technology and reduced overhead that’s been the mainstay of Fremont Family Practice since 2002. Our team of medical doctors and nurse practitioners deliver excellent quality care.

Setting up a small medical clinic at your work site doesn’t have to be costly or complicated.

Here’s what we do:


  • Evaluate your workplace and employee needs;
  • Meet with you to discuss options and answer questions;
  • Set up a suitable schedule for the health and/or dental clinics’ availability based on employee need;
  • Provide a preliminary analysis of the cost to bring OnSite Medical services to your workforce;
  • Work together to design and transform a spare room into a clinic;
  • Depending on space and staffing availability, an OnSite Medical clinic could be open for your employees in four months time;
  • Later we can discuss expanded services that could be added, such as physical therapy, massage therapy, ergonomic evaluations, vision screening and health coaching.

We have an advantage over our competition because we are run by doctors who actually provide the care we give. We are not overseen by administrators and we are not beholden to outside investors. Our decisions and practice philosophies are based on the doctor-patient relationship and best practices of medical care. All our providers have more than 10 years of experience. We do not try to push additional services you may not need.

Whether at our home clinic, Fremont Family Practice, or at our workplace clinics, our attributes and attitudes remain the same. We’re committed to making our patients — your employees — healthier. And we’ll measure outcomes to show how OnSite Medical benefits both employers and employees.

OnSite Medical

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