About OnSite Medical

We’re not like other clinics. We spend time with patients and we actually listen. We are on time and we respect your time.

We value our relationship with our patients and we give them access to us after hours.

David Harvey, M.D., is a board certified family physician and a graduate of the University of Washington School of Medicine. He is the medical director of Fremont Family Practice, which includes a dental clinic. The medical clinic has about 12,000 patient visits annually, from toddlers to elders, for preventive and acute care.

Mahvash Khajavi-Harvey, DMD, is a graduate of Oregon Health and Sciences University Dental School. The husband and wife team opened their Seattle clinic 15 years ago.

David Harvey, M.D.

Mahvash Khajavi-Harvey, DMD


We realize that health care delivery requires a new model. We want to make it possible for patients to be seen at home, at our clinic, in the workplace, even on-line via telemedicine.

OUR philosophy is rooted in the value of relationships. We feel that patients come to see us because they trust and value our time and knowledge. We have removed barriers to getting care by giving our patients access to the most important thing, us.

We’re independent, we’re not affiliated with any large healthcare corporation or a hospital with high administration fees. We have no incentives to generate unneeded tests or imaging to cover a high overhead.


OnSite Medical clinics are based on our patient-centered model we’ve successfully used at Fremont Family Practice. Clinics are staffed four to eight hours a day, five days a week with a family physician or family nurse practitioner, depending on employer need. Employees can make appointments on line for same day, the next day or the next week.

During our 30-minute appointments, employees receive unhurried care where we listen to their medical concerns, then provide diagnosis, treatment or referrals.

Of course, not all ailments can be diagnosed or treated in a small clinic. We will make referrals when needed. We have established relationships with imaging centers, hospitals and many local medical specialists. Your employees can also opt to use the extended services and hours of a larger nearsite clinic.


Our clinics use HIPPA compliant electronic health records. That means we make sure health information is safe. Our software will allow patients to access health information from their chart using a secure patient portal. We order labs electronically and notify pharmacies of patients’ prescriptions electronically. We have software that allows us to have telemedicine visits for those employees who are off site or cannot make it in to the clinic. For our workplace clinics, all we need is a high-speed internet connection to provide state-of-the-art health care.


OnSite Medical

Working toward a new kind of healthcare