Workplace Clinic Benefits

Workplace medical care is nothing new. However, 50 years ago they were primarily a way of getting employees back to work. They utilized nurses and treated mostly injuries and illnesses. They were managed by employers with the bottom line in mind.

Current worksite clinics are focused on employee well-being and keeping employees productive but also healthy and happy. They can provide a medical home for many employees who may not have a primary care doctor.

Employers have watched health-care costs skyrocket in the last 20 years and need to do their best to control these costs. One solution is to bring preventive and acute medical care into the work site and work day. We save time and money on both ends of the employee-employer equation.

Two-thirds of companies with workplace clinics use third-parties to run them for many reasons, including not having to worry about liability, not needing to understand how to deliver quality medical care and because employees prefer medical providers not affiliated with their own company.

Consider these facts from recent research on the growing trend of workplace healthcare:

  • Among companies with more than 5,000 employees, 30 percent have an onsite health clinic, up 24 percent from just a few years ago.
  • In workplaces with onsite clinics, studies suggest 85 percent consider them successful and nearly 90 percent report a positive return on investment.
  • Reduction in health care costs between 7 to 20 percent, mostly from avoiding ER visits and reduced hospital admissions, have been found in cost-benefit studies of workplace health clinics.
  • Healthcare is the number one benefit when potential employees consider accepting a job.
  • Onsite office visits save an estimated two hours of employee time away from the workplace.


Additionally, our OnSite Medical Clinics provide many benefits not typically found at other workplace clinics:

  • We are on-call 24/7. A medical provider is available by telephone 24 hours a day. So even if the workplace clinic is closed, our care remains open.
  • Employee medical records are at our fingertips once they establish care with us but are secure, private and confidential.
  • We cover all malpractice costs.
  • We are independent and do not cater to investors.
  • We have 15 years experience running a private independent combination medical and dental clinic.
  • We are run and managed by medical providers who also see patients.
  • We tailor a workplace clinic to fit employer needs.
  • We already have relationships with specialist, labs and hospitals in your area.

OnSite Medical

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